Silverstone Testing

  • Friday 3rd April: International Circuit
  • Price per car: £225 Inc VAT.
  • Sessions: 3x 40 mins – two groups (subject to daylight hours and stoppages)
  • Maximum Noise limit: 102DB drive by.
  • For testing, all drivers need to be over 16 years of age and have a national B competition Race License.

Book Early to avoid disappointment! Now online:

Please be advised that by clicking the link above – you will have access to any other tests that may be of interest for competitors prior to the race meeting at Silverstone.

Power Trophy

All competitors in the Power Trophy will be required to attend one of the designated testing centres named below and to provide the Eligibility Scrutineer with a power-run and weight certificate before the first meeting at which the car is due to be run. Failure to do so will mean that the car will be moved into the Modified class.

All costs at the time will need to be handled by the driver (£100+VAT). ARCA is offering to reimburse the first 5 drivers that visit the rolling road. As soon as you’ve been tested, please contact the panel for more details. All power readings will be taken at the hub.


Ray Foley’s 156 GTA was tested recently and the figures ‘at the wheels’ were 250bhp. The weight with Ray included is 1280kg. Tracktive did the sums and it came to 195bhp per tonne. They estimated that the bhp at the flywheel was 280. The figure for the regs has now been established at 195bhp per tonne for petrol cars including driver. Below you can download the calculations based on this ratio.

Download now

Designated Rolling Roads

Torque Developments Ltd,
5 Cliffside Trade Park,
RM20 3XD

Tel: 0800 107 3250

Tracktive Solutions,
Unit 1D,
Saxby Road Industrial Estate,
Melton Mowbray,

Tel: 01664 562630

Happy 50th Birthday to the 1600 GTA

Photo: Alfaholics

Photo: Alfaholics

Photo: Alfaholics

It’s 50 years since the 1600 GTA first launched at the Amsterdam Autosalon in 1965 and Alfaholics have been celebrating by posting some great photos of the GTAs they’ve restored over the past few years. Beautiful stuff as always.

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Lottery Grant Sees Brooklands Straight Restored

Brooklands Museum will see some exciting new developments in the months ahead as a Heritage Lottery Fund award of £4.7million allows them to move the hanger that was built over the finishing straight in the 1940s, opening the straight back up for use.

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Future of F1

Ferrari released an F1 concept this week to show how the cars could look in the future. The pictures come as bosses debate what changes to make to F1 cars to make them more spectacular and appealing for fans.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia Aluminium Body

If you’re looking to sell a car, what better way than to create a promo video featuring emotive shots and beautiful sounds. That’s exactly what Cool and Vintage have done with this Giulia Aluminium Body.

Daniel Ricciardo drives a 1972 Alfa Romeo T33

More info has emerged from the moment Daniel Ricciardo drove Helmut Marko’s 1972 Alfa Romeo T33, first reported by Michael Lindsay in New Year News & Gossip. Below is a video showcasing the event plus a couple of stunning photographs of the Sicilian countryside.

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Photo: Red Bull

Photo: Red Bull

Introducing Turatello Trailers


We are pleased to welcome a new website sponsor this week. Turatello Trailers is a brand new name onto the UK market although they’ve been making trailers in Italy for over 40 years.

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Alfa’s in the movies

The Oscars take place on Sunday so next week we plan to showcase a list of Alfa Romeo’s appearing on the big screen. Obviously we can’t cover them all but if you have any suggestions to go along with the ones we’ve already received, please let us know.

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