2024 Points Table

Updated: 20th May

Subject to confirmation. For details on how the points are calculated, please see the 2024 regulations.

2024 Overall Top 10

M: Modified, V6, PT: Power Trophy, TS: Twin Spark Cup, DS: Dropped Score. Subject to minimum starters rule - See Regulations for details

Points Scoring

Pos Pts
Class 1st 20
Class 2nd 18
Class 3rd 16
Class 4th 14
Class 5th 12
Class 6th 10
Class 7th 8
Class 8th 6
Class 9th 4
Class 10th 2
All other starters 1
Race Fastest Lap 1
Qualifying Class 1st 1

2024 Modified Points Table

2024 V6 Table

2024 Power Trophy Points Table

2024 Twin Spark Cup Points Table

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