ARCA was established at the end of 2001 to run the Alfa Romeo Championship which has just completed its 41st year.

It remains one of the best supported series on the UK club racing scene, attracting 37 registered drivers in 2022 and 751 since 1982.

An organising panel, made up of competitors and preparers, hold regular meetings to make decisions of a commercial and sporting nature.

Any ARCA member is welcome to apply to become a member.

Current Panel Members

Andy Robinson – Coordinator
Mob: 07980 949325
Email: [email protected]

Paul Plant
Mob: 07739 988 966
Email: [email protected]

Matt Daly
Mob: 07782 502612
Email: [email protected]

Keith Ford
Mob: 07411 141260
Email: [email protected]

Dave Peddie
Email: [email protected]

Graham Seager
[email protected]

Richard Ford –  Treasurer
Email: [email protected]