2024 Alfa Romeo Championship Regulations

The Alfa Romeo Championship continues to be one of the most popular race series on the Club scene having flourished as part of the BRSCC’s portfolio of championships since 1982. For 2020 we began a new chapter with the 750 Motor Club which means that there is a good spread of circuits available to competitors as well as different race weekend formats.


The Championship is open to any production based Alfa Romeo and is run in classes that offer the opportunity to race a fully modified car on slicks or more standard versions using a Yokohama control tyre.

One of the attractions is the large variety of models that can be used and in the past few years we have seen the emergence of cars such as the 147, 156 and GTV alongside models from earlier production periods including the 33, GTV6 and Giulia. The different class and model options allow competitors with budgets at both ends of the spectrum to take part and the Championship is a good place for those who wish to start racing.

The introduction of a class (Twinspark Cup) using Alfa Romeo’s 2 litre 4 cylinder 16v engine with very limited changes to the standard specification permitted and costs kept under control has produced close racing on a level playing field over the past nine seasons. This will continue as before in 2024.

2024 Regulations

Decal Requirements

Our sponsors this season will be HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd. (lead sponsor), Yokohama, The Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, Axis Shift, and Black ‘n’ Rounds.

If your car already has stickers from last season (or earlier seasons) on it, you must remove the following stickers: WOYA Digital, Fusion4Care, Enzari, WRAP UK, Black ‘n’ Rounds (along the top of number square) and Andrew Lee.

Below is a list of mandatory stickers that must be displayed for drivers to score points.

2024 Stickers

  • HITEK (sun strip)
  • HITEK (logo x2)
  • AROC (top of no. square x2)
  • AROC (logo x2)
  • Yokohama (logo x4, Twin Spark only)
  • Unit-11 (number plate x2)
  • ARCA (logo x2)
  • 750MC (logo x2)
  • Class name (bottom of no. square x2)
  • Class letter (windscreen x1, rear window x2)
  • Surname (rear window x2)
  • Orange heart (sun strip x1, rear window x2)

Decals are supplied by Tony Herbert. For additional supplies, please contact him by email ([email protected]) or phone 01342 717764.