Turatello Trailers is a brand new name onto the UK market although we’ve been making trailers in Italy for over 40 years.

A brand recognised by racing teams on the Continent for trailers with ingenious use of space, durable over time and also keeping their value very well. Since November 2014, all Turatello trailers are available to order in the UK through the three sales and warranty points located at Silverstone, just outside York and central office in Scotland.


All our Italian made trailers are delivered to any UK mainland address at no extra cost but the quoted prices in our brochure. Lead time for any order is 40-60 days. Two years full warranty is included with any purchase and a European Type Approval certificate is provided.


New to the UK car transport market, Turatello Trailers are offering a refreshing and pleasant design, with larger surfaces, making the trailer sturdy, lighter and also ideal for advertising your racing team colours. The extra large side doors provide excellent shelter and also easy loading access. A series of innovations.


Our hydraulic lowering axles system, the creation of Turatello Trailers, allows loading and offloading with much ease of cars with extremely low ground clearance. With the hydraulic system installed, the trailer not only can it be tilted but it can be lowered and raised through a remote control, adjusting the trailer’s loading angle or when necessary, adjusting the road clearance for a bumpy paddock or going on/off ferries, trains, etc. For a video demo, see below.

This year we’ve already attended Autosport International – Birmingham, with some further exciting growth plans in the pipeline. Come and visit us at Race Retro between 20th – 22nd of Feb, stand N74.

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