Just a quick update this week

Lots going on in the aftermath of Silverstone so it’s a shortened Friday Fix this week. The Silverstone race report will be online soon and there are already loads of photos and videos on the results page including this action packed view from Dave Messenger’s 156 in race 1.

Points Tables

At the request of some drivers we will be providing a full report of the points tables including a run down of each qualifying, race and fastest lap point awarded which will be made available shortly.

The BWRDC Race for a Record

The BWRDC is to announce a Ladies Only race – the BWRDC Race for a Record will feature ARCA driver Stacey Dennis with the support of the Bianco team. The race will be organised by the BWRDC in association with the Historic Sports Car Club (HSCC) and Silverstone Circuit and is open to female competition licence holders driving a closed wheel car. Good luck Stacey!

More details here

Rockingham TV

Race 2 from Rockingham should be broadcast on MotorsTV at 18:30 on 31st October. If all goes to plan we should get an hours programme with half being Rockingham, the other being a review of the other televised rounds from 2014.

Awards dinner tickets

For those that missed out on awards dinner tickets first time round, we are pleased to announce another 40 tickets have been made available plus a bigger room at the same venue. If you would still like to attend, please select a payment method and fill in the form. Thanks to Joanne Eastwood for securing this.

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For Sale

Don’t forget we have some great cars for sale on the website including Ian Brookfield’s Alfa 164, “Big Yella” – Ray Foley’s 3.2 V6 GTV and Alastair Kelletts’ Punto Abarth.




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