The BRSCC will be running a 40 minute testing session on the Saturday morning starting at 9.05am. The cost of the session is £85 and can be booked now via the usual online booking system http://brscc.prosolvehosting.co.uk/ or by calling BRSCC HQ on 01732 783144.

All non-Caterham championship have priority in booking this session until this Thursday morning (19th May) after which it will be made available to all championships taking part in the Zolder meeting.

Finally, just a reminder that you will need a National A licence to race at this meeting and if you are upgrading from a National B you need to complete the process before travelling to Zolder.

Session Time
Qualifying 14:05 – 20mins – Sat
Race 1 10:35 – 20mins -Sun
Race 2 16:05 – 20mins – Sun

Zolder Details – 4/5th June 2016

Download all the below info here.

Circuit Zolder is located approximately 174 miles from Calais, just off Junction 27 of the E314 motorway between Brussels and Cologne.


Stena have an offer for freight traffic for the Harwich-Hoek of Holland. There is also one for their passenger service on which you can take a car/van & trailer. You can book this here.


The nearest town is Hasselt which is 12 miles from the circuit. Follow the links for nearby hotels and guest houses www.hotels.com  www.bookings.com.

Licence Requirement

National ‘A’ Race Licence required

Clothing & equipment list

Please see the full list in the Appendix at the end of this document but note that standards for the following items in Belgium are the same as the UK;

  • Helmet (with the exception of SNELL SA2015 & SAH2010 which are not permissible for use with FHR devices in Belgium)
  • FHR device
  • Overalls
  • Seat belts

You will need fire proof underwear which along with balaclavas, boots, sock & gloves need to comply with FIA standard 8856-2000.


Testing is available on Friday 3rd June PM. £195 www.bookatrack.com. Limited spaces available.

The Circuit

A paddock plan to be sent to drivers nearer the event. Garages will not be available.

New road charging system in Belgium for HGVs over 3.5 tons

A new road charging system starts in Belgium from the 1st April for trucks over 3.5 tons. Full details and how to get an OBU (Onboard Unit) can be found at here.


Clothing & Equipment list for MSA championships visiting Belgium
Vehicles built after 31st December 1985
Driver Clothing

Helmets –

  • From 2016 Blue Book K10.3.1
  • FIA 8860-2004 (Not valid after 31.12.20)
  • FIA 8860-2010
  • FIA 8859-2015
  • SNELL SA2005 (Not valid after 31.12.18)
  • SNELL SA2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23)

These standards are aligned to the FIA lists for the 2016 season. “Not valid” dates are provided by the MSA.

NB: The following helmets are not permissible for use with an FHR device in Belgium.

  • * SNELL SA2015 (Not valid after 31.12.23)
  • * SNELL SAH2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23)
  • * SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A (Not valid after 31.12.2018)

FHR Device – Mandatory as in UK

From 2016 Blue Book K10.4.
It is permitted to incorporate the use of an FIA approved FHR Device fitted in accordance with FIA regulations.
Ensure that the tethers are in good condition and are clearly marked with the FIA standard.

Note for all items of clothing

These must be clearly marked with the FIA standard when presented at scrutineering and worn at all times when driving the race car on the track.
All items must be in good condition and without any holes caused by damage or wear.

Overalls – FIA Standard 8856-2000 – As is current in the UK
Fire proof underwear – FIA Standard 8856-2000
Garments with short length sleeves and legs do not comply with the regulations.
Balaclava – FIA Standard 8856-2000
Boots – FIA Standard 8856-2000
Socks – FIA Standard 8856-2000
Gloves – FIA Standard 8856-2000
Gloves that are marked as complying with the ISO standard have not been accepted in Belgium for several years.

Seats – FIA 8855/1999 or 8862/2009. (As is current in the UK)
Seats complying with the FIA standard 8855/1999 have a 5 year life from the date of manufacture indicated on the mandatory label.
Seats complying with the FIA standard 8862/2009 have a 10 year life from the date of manufacture indicated on the mandatory label.
These must not be modified and must use the supports homologated for use with the seat.
Seat Belts – FIA 8853/98 or FIA 8854/98 (as is current in the UK)
It is recommended that shoulder straps be installed crosswise.

Fire Extinguisher

Certification – A label on the extinguisher must show the date when it is next due to be checked / serviced and this may not be more than two years after the last check / service.

Mountings – It must be secured by a minimum of 2 screw-locked metallic straps and the securing system must be able towithstand a deceleration of 25 g.

Extinguishers general – All extinguishing equipment must withstand fire. Plastic pipes are prohibited and metal pipes are obligatory.

ROPS padding

If your helmet can come into contact with any part of the ROPS, padding complying with FIA 8857-2001 Type A is required (Pipe lagging is not acceptable)

Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank must be filled with safety foam if the tank has been changed from the original type.

Useful info