Silverstone Intl - DH


Session Time
Sign On  08:00
Scrutineering  08:00 – 08:30
Qualifying  09:30 – 20mins Sat
Race 1  12:00 – 20mins Sat
Race 2  11:15 – 20mins Sun


As you will see from the final instructions for Silverstone International this coming weekend, the Alfa Championship has been allocated 4 pit garages, numbers 38-41 inclusive. These are right at the end of the row. 

Garage 38: Simon Cresswell, Tom Hill, Stacey Dennis, Mike Tydeman, and James Browning.

Garage 39: Andrew Bourke, Andy Inman, Matt Abell, Paul Webster and Ray Foley.

Garage 40: Andrew Fulcher, Dave Messenger, Chris McFie, Simon McFie and James Ford.

Garage 41: Anthony George, Ian Brookfield, John Griffiths and Nick Anderson.

If any of these allocations are inconvenient then agreements to swap with another driver are fine but otherwise please try and stick to them. There is no obligation to use a pit garage of course so if some drivers choose not to do so, then space can be adjusted accordingly.

Entries @ 5th April

10 Anthony George Alfa 33 / Alfa 156 Turbo
Power Trophy
3 Ray Foley 147 GTA
55 Ian Brookfield 155
Twin Spark Cup
75 Tom Hill 156 2.0
6 Simon Cresswell 156
11 Andrew Fulcher 147 2.0
13 John Griffiths 147
15 Mike Tydeman 156
19 Nick Anderson Spider 916
30 Stacey Dennis 147
41 James Browning 147
66 Paul Webster 156 GTA
68 Matt Abell 145
79 Dave Messenger 156
80 Andy Inman 156 2.0
86 Andrew Bourke 156
Invitation Class
21 Simon Mcfie Fiat Punto Abarth
22 Chris Mcfie Fiat Punto Abarth

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