There should be towing eyes with minimum internal diameter of 60mm securely fixed to the main structure of the vehicle, front and rear, within the confines of the body to enable the vehicle to be moved in accordance with MSA Regulation [Q 19.1.3] in respect to front towing eye, this may not protrude beyond the vertical plane of the front bumper by more than 10mm. For the avoidance of doubt this precludes the use of the standard towing eye in its standard location, competitors must find an alternative.

It is strongly recommended that all Race Cars must, wherever possible, be equipped with two front and two rear towing eyes positioned equally either side of the longitudinal centre line. They must be clearly visible, marked with an arrow and the word “tow” and the wire painted in yellow, red or orange to contrast with the vehicle colour scheme.

The towing eyes must be made of at least 6mm diameter steel wire rope with a 6×19 wire core, each which must have a breaking-strain of at least 2 tons. Each towing eye must allow the passage of a cylinder with a diameter of 60 mm, situated 25mm forward of the adjacent bodywork – 100 mm above and below this hole must retain clearance to enable the recovery crews to attach straps and shackles.

The towing eye must be fixed to a structural part of the chassis with a minimum of M12 fixings, the inner part must be flexible in order for the towing eye to be retracted inside the bodywork profile. A “pull-cord” must be attached to the towing eye to enable the marshals to access the wire loop. The end attached to the chassis may be either ‘thimble’ or ‘open-loop’ style.

Each complete towing eye must be certified as meeting this load requirement. Webbing towing eyes are not permitted.

This regulation is highly recommended for 2016, but will be compulsory from January 2017.

The intention is to allow an angled pull away in the event in the event of a crumpled or obscured vehicle corner e.g. +/- 45 degrees from straight ahead.