Silverstone Timetable

20 days to go and here is the first timetable of 2015. Ideally we would have spread it across two days plus we have drivers testing on the Friday but it’s out of our hands unfortunately.

Session Time
Sign On 07:30 – Sun
Scrutineering 07:30 – 08:00 – Sun
Qualifying 09:00 – 20mins – Sun
Race 1 12:05 – 20mins -Sun
Race 2 15:20 – 20mins – Sun

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Silverstone Entries

You can now view the current entries for rounds 1 and 2. As most of us know the International paddock isn’t the most spacious place so if you plan to race, please get your entry in as soon as possible to ensure we are allocated enough room in the paddock. Additionally, if you know which other rounds you will competing in this year, please book these as well. You won’t have to pay until a few weeks before each event. It really does help the organisers if they know numbers earlier. Thank You.

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Lap Records

Michael Lindsay has updated the lap records and also included times from our last visit to Croft in 2005.

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New Registrations since last update

Simon Cresswell has signed up to compete in the Twin Spark Cup using the ex Tom Herbert 156. He is joined by Richard Ford and Tom Hill in their Bianco prepared 146 & 156 respectively. Keith Waite (75) and Graham Seager (GTV) add to the Modified class bringing total numbers up to 28 so far with 3 weeks to go until round 1.

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2015 Stickers

With the change in class structure comes a change in the default stickers to identify which class each car is in. Below is a list of mandatory stickers that must be displayed for drivers to score points along with a handy blueprint to help with placement.

  • Alfashop sunstrip
  • NEW 3x class letter(s) in coloured circles on sunstrip and rear side windows
  • NEW Class name at bottom of No. Sq on coloured background*
  • Number square**
  • Surname in rear side windows
  • Large yellow numbers on windscreen
  • 4x Toyo Tires – 1 on each corner
  • 3x Grove & Dean – 1 on the bonnet, 1 on each side – free placement
  • ARCA logo on each side – free placement
  • BRSCC logo on each side – free placement

* Regulation 4.17.1 states that a class logo needs to be placed on the bonnet. This is not required and will be amended to reflect changes below.

**Regulation 4.17.1 also now allows for a fixed size, white number square including an Alfashop logo and competition number only. The printed number square is still allowed but will be phased out to reduce the cost of replacing them. This allows room for the new class names to sit at the bottom of the number square.

We’d also appreciate it you could put an somewhere too.

Provisional class colours

  • Modified = Red
  • Power Trophy = Orange
  • TS Cup = Yellow



Download the high res blueprint

We hope these colours will make it easier for spectators to identify the classes. Class names and letters will be printed and supplied by the championship. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or leave a comment below.