Change to the Oulton Park date.

Our meeting at Oulton Park in May has now been confirmed for Saturday 23rd as opposed to the 25th originally.

A message from Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires are moving their tyre distribution into a new warehouse from the 1st April 2015. As a result there may be disruption to containers coming into and deliveries from our warehouse during March.

Please ensure, to avoid any issues, that competitors allow 72 hours for delivery of tyres. If we are out of stock, tyres will be placed on backorder and we will endeavour to prioritise these containers. Please order as early as possible ie. February or first week in March.

New registrations

Welcome back Andy Hancock and Russell Anderson in their Twin Spark Cup cars. 16 drivers registered already with just under 2 months to go until round 1 at Silverstone.

Auto Italia

Just a quick note: To celebrate 20 years of publishing, Auto Italia have decided to make an Alfa Romeo themed special edition for the latest issue.

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