Coverage of Race 1 at the Silverstone meeting is now on youtube and has a good number of views already. A number of people have asked when the second Silverstone race will appear. The answer, however, is that it won’t. Things got a bit complicated when we discovered that all the Saturday races at Silverstone that weekend were going to be filmed, rendering our contract with AJKTV surplus to requirements. So, we agreed that AJK would draw on the coverage to put together a one-off additional race for us at no extra charge, which is what has now been uploaded.

The main contract with AJKTV now covers our meetings at Cadwell, Snetterton, Silverstone National (second time around) and Rockingham, when both races will be covered, so the Silverstone Saturday race from 31st March is a one-off taster. I hope that resolves any confusion as to why the second Silverstone Race has not been filmed and uploaded (it sounds more confusing than it actually is).


There has been some confusion over the status of the first half of the second race at Anglesey, i.e. before the red flag was shown, as TSL did not publish either a lap chart or an analysis of individual lap times for the first 7 completed laps. So, for example, both Paul Webster and Tom Hill set new lap records for the Power Trophy and Twin Spark Cup respectively during those first 7 laps – but did they count?

There is a new Regulation this year in the MSA Blue Book which covers this situation:

5.4.2 Any race stopped after the leader has completed more than two laps but less than 75% of its duration will be considered as the first part of a two part race. Cars will be restarted from a grid set out in the finishing order, which shall be based upon the order of crossing the finish line at one lap less than at the time of first showing the Red Flag. Only cars which are proceeding under their own power, in accordance with 15.1(j), at the showing of the Red Flag will be classified. The result will be the order of finishing at the end of the restarted race, unless Championship Regulations specify otherwise. The result will list all the starters in the race even if they did not take part in the restarted race and will use the first part for the purposes of establishing lap records and point scoring where applicable…” 


I have been wearing the new ARCA-branded clothing by LOGOMEUP at the first two race meetings of the season, and various people have commented on what good quality it is. However, I haven’t seen anyone else wearing any of it yet! Please can I appeal to everyone to buy some? Each garment sold donates a much-needed £ or so to Championship funds. The LOGOMEUP people will be at Cadwell Park for our meeting in early June and it would be a shame, and perhaps slightly embarrassing, if the only person wearing their very nice products is me.

All you need to do is click the button below and purchase away…



We still need more Championship sponsors, so if anyone has any promising leads or ideas for companies that might consider sponsoring us, please let me or any other Panel member know so we can follow it up. The more sponsors we can get the more we can reduce the cost of racing for our drivers!


I am now doing race reports for each bi-monthly magazine of the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club, courtesy of the good offices of Richard Murtha, the Vice Chairman of AROC who is also responsible for the development of motorsport. It’s an excellent magazine, full of all good things Alfa Romeo. If you’re not already a Club member it’s well worth joining and ARCA drivers can do so without having to pay the joining fee on top of the membership fee itself – just ask me for the Code to use to get the discount.

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator