Our second race meeting of the season at Oulton Park International is now only 3 weeks away so I hope all drivers are busy preparing to race at this wonderful and challenging circuit. Let’s have a big grid featuring all our fabulous and varied racers to wow the spectators! Get those entries in!


The ARCA Panel met via Microsoft Teams on 11th May to discuss trophy awards. On the basis that we should seek to keep multiple trophy awards to the same driver for the same race to a minimum we have had a long standing practice of not giving Class awards for the Modified class, instead awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall on the assumption that Modifed cars would normally be expected to fill these places. However,that has sometimes been the case and sometimes not. Moreover this long standing practice is at variance with what it states in our Regulations.

At Silverstone the Modified class had the most entries and that looks likely to continue this season, so the Panel has decided to award trophies on the basis stated in our Regulations with only one exception (see below). For reference, our Regulations state as follows:

  1. All awards are to be provided by the Organising Club or by ARCA as agreed between them.
  2. Per Round: Awards of 1st, 2nd & 3rd in class will be given, subject to the number of starters as follows:- up to 3 starters -1st in Class only; 4 to 5 starters -1st & 2nd in class only; 6 or more starters – 1st, 2nd & 3rd in class. Driver of the Day/Weekend.

Regarding (i) above, the 750 Motor Club will provide us with a Class Winner trophy for each of our 4 classes for each race.

As regards (ii) above we have sometimes been more generous than this with class awards in some respects and less generous than this in the case of the Modified class. We will now relate the awarding of trophies to the starter numbers as set out above. We will also apply the Modified class awards retrospectively to the Silverstone meeting.

The only additional award we will give is an Overall winner’s trophy. The outright race winner will therefore be the only driver who receives 2 trophies for the same race.

The Driver of the Day/Weekend trophy is specifically funded by our lead sponsor, HITEK Electronic Materials Ltd., and our sincere thanks go to them for their valued support.

Finally, on a practical note, the trophies for Race 2 at Silverstone will be handed out at Oulton Park on 3rd June. I also still have trophies for our last race at Oulton Park in October 2022. Drivers who were there will recall that these were not presented on the day due to the lateness of the hour and the cancellation of our second race. I will bring these trophies also to the Oulton Park meeting on 3rd June.


The extinguisher system in your race car has to be fitted as per the fitting instructions that the system was homologated under. 

The age of the system also dictates how it is installed.  

A change in the regulations was made at the start of the 2022 season whereby the extinguisher must be installed as per the fitting instructions. For example, a 2020 system may have to be installed differently to a 2022 system, hence you need to have a copy of the fitting instructions for the system in your car so that scrutineers can be shown it if needed. 

This should be a link to all the extinguisher systems by their homologation number:

Andy Robinson