UK Race drivers are likely to notice a significant increase in the cost of racing tyres this season whichever manufacturer is providing them.

As reported in the last Paddock Bulletin we have concluded a sponsorship agreement with Yokohama for the 2023 season. Key points in this agreement are that the Twin Spark Cup cars will continue to use the A048 control tyre and ARCA will encourage drivers in our other classes to use Yokohama rubber also. However, there are important changes to be noted:

  • The A048 control tyre will henceforward be supplied by George Polley Motorsport, not Black ‘n’ Rounds.
  • George Polley Motorsport will offer trackside support at some of our 2023 meetings whereby tyres can be purchased and/or fitted at the circuit.
  • The cost per control tyre will be £142.00 + VAT. This is a special discounted price but is still a significant increase, illustrating the point made in the opening sentence above.
  • The control tyres will be bar coded as per our Regulations. George Polley Motorsport bar codes tyres for other championships already so they are well used to doing this. Hopefully the new arrangements will mean that issues that have arisen in previous seasons with missing bar codes and erratic pricing will not arise again.


We had a Revs Italia V6 Class car on display on the 750 Motor Club stand at the Race Retro event last weekend, and it was an extremely busy weekend with lots of interest from those attending. I was there all day Friday and Sunday and Roger Evans and Joy Fairy were there all weekend, and as usual we had excellent support from James Winstanley of 750 MC. It was so busy that 750 MC ran out of their promo leaflets, something that has apparently never happened before, and visitors to the stand also took away lots of our own ARCA flyers. The event was an unqualified success so let’s hope that this and our other high profile promotions will result in some new drivers coming into the championship.

race retrorace retro

Visitors to our stand over the weekend included Richard and Natalie Ford and baby Alicia, Scott Austin, Andy Page, Keith and Tom and Lynn Waite, Chris Oxborough, Peter Sloan, Wil Arif, Graham Seager, and John Sismey (legendary BRM engineer and Alfa preparer).


The cancellation of our second race at Oulton Park was the result of unavoidable timetable delays and drivers who raced that day will receive a partial refund. 750 Motor Club’s proposal is to deduct the amount of the credit from the race entry fee for the next race meeting that the eligible drivers enter. However, the exact mechanism for this is still being worked out, so watch this space. In the meantime eligible drivers can enter races but do not pay the entry fee as yet pending this clarification.


I will be coming along to the 750 Motor Club’s pre season trackday at Donington Park on Sunday 5th March, so I hope to see some of you there.

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator