Car and Driver News for the 2023 Season

1. Modified Class

Entries for the 2023 season are now coming in apace, and the Modified Class entry in particular is looking both mouth watering and highly competitive. The entry list for the class to date is as follows:

Mike Hilton: 4C. This awesome car will have all-new livery and also a number of upgrades in readiness for the season. It was already super quick before these…

Barry McMahon: 156. The 2021 Champion is always the man to beat in his 156 and his Giulietta has also been looking extremely quick in testing. There is a Giulia Quadrifoglio also in preparation (!) though it may be some time before it appears.

Scott Austin: 156. The 2022 class winner is extremely quick and has resolved the gearbox issues that he had last season. Sure to be on the pace.

Richard Ford: Giulia Veloce. The car is still waiting for a roll cage at the moment so the start of the season is touch and go but it will be brilliant to see a Giulia on the grid in Richard’s capable hands.

Riccardo Losselli: MiTO 404 and/or 4C. Ricky is back racing this year and has entered the formidable Alfa Workshop MiTO 404, but there are rumours of a 4C in preparation also or even of transferring the MiTO mechanicals into a 4C.

Andy Page: Giulietta 116 Turbo. The irrepressible Andy will be back in his unique racer this season.

Daniel Wood: 164 3.2 V6. Experienced racer Daniel has acquired the ex-Ron Davidson 164 which has been prepped by Bianco is ready to go.

Mark Skeggs: GTV V6. Mark registered the car last season but the car hadn’t turned a wheel for some time and needed refettling, but we are very much looking forward to seeing it in action this year.

We are also expecting a registration from Gareth Haywood in the ex-Graham Seager supercharged GTV, and Jamie Porter at the Alfa Workshop has two 4C bodyshells to be built into racers, one of which we may see in Riccardo Losselli’s hands (see above).

To say the above is an exciting prospect has got to be the understatement of the century!

2. V6 Class

Gabriele Iaccarino: GT. Gabs is back! Fabulous news.

Jamie Thwaites: 155. It has been a more than welcome surprise to see Jamie’s registration come through to race his beautifully presented 155.

We are expecting registrations from Tom Hill, Andy Inman and Dave Messenger and Revs Italia boss Roger Evans has others in preparation and ready to race, a brilliant opportunity to race one of these superb machines. We will have one on display at the Race Retro event in February, so come along and have a look and a chat!

3. Power Trophy

Mark Sullivan has entered an Alfasud recently acquired from Paul Plant. This class is ideal for Suds, 33s, Abarths, etc. Let’s hope that the penny drops and more owners of these machines galvanise themselves and their cars to be out there racing with us!

4. Twin Spark Cup

The Twin Spark Cup promises to be as competitive as ever. Registrations so far have come in from Stacey Dennis (147), Toby Broome (156), Andreas Georgiou (156), and Simon Cresswell (156). Stacey has secured some sponsorship for the season and has promised me details: watch this space. We hope that 2022 Champion Andrew Bourke will be back and others are as ever in the Bianco pipeline. We may also see Ben Robinson (yes, my son) registering to race the 145 currently owned by Peter Sloan.

What a season is in prospect!

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator