First of all, a very Happy New Year to all our drivers, sponsors, preparers, officials, helpers and supporters. Here’s to a great season of alfaracing in the 750 Motor Club’s HITEK Alfa Romeo Championship!

2022 Calendar

Our 2022 calendar has not yet officially been confirmed but no changes are expected. There will be 6 double header meetings as follows:

1/230 AprilSilverstone Nat
3/428/29 MayCroft
5/623/24 JulyAnglesey Coastal
7/814 AugustBrands Hatch
9/1017/18 SeptemberCadwell Park
11/128 OctoberOulton Park Int


Registrations are now open for the 2022 season. It will be greatly appreciated if those who are planning to race would do so as soon as possible as it is very helpful for both the 750 Motor Club and ARCA in terms of planning and preparation for the season. You may register by clicking on the link below and following the steps as described.

2022 Regulations

There are some important proposed changes to our 2022 Regulations. As with the calendar these have not yet received final formal confirmation from Motorsport UK but no significant changes are expected. A summary of the most significant changes is as follows:

There will be no dropped scores. The points accrued by a driver at every round will count towards his/her final Championship points total. The procedure for resolving ties in points totals at the end of the season has been revised in the light of this change.

The establishment of a new V6 class. This is being introduced (a) to encourage more V6-powered Alfa Romeos to enter the Championship and (b) to introduce a detailed technical specification for the cars’ eligibility to restrict costs and facilitate close racing. The Regulations are as developed and finalised during last season by Graham Seager in consultation with drivers and preparers.

The Power Trophy class will be retained but it will be for 4-cylinder cars only and the optimum Power to Weight ratio has been reduced to 175 bhp at the wheels per 1000 kg for normally aspirated petrol-engined cars, and to 155 bhp at the wheels per 1000 kg for diesel and petrol turbo-engined cars. The class will be open to Fiats, Abarths and Lancias as well as Alfa Romeos. Drivers will be asked to declare their power and weight (including driver) figures at the start of the season. Completing a rolling road test before entering to race will not be necessary but such a test may be required during the season at the request of and as specified by ARCA and/or the 750 Motor Club.

There will be no ‘Invitation Class’ as such, but the organisers retain the discretion to accept entries from cars which do not meet the requirements of any of the 4 classes either on a non-points scoring basis or to admit such cars to the Modified class where deemed appropriate.

There will be no reverse grids in 2022.

The full 2022 Regulations will be published as soon as final approval has been given by Motorsport UK.

Andy Robinson,
Championship Coordinator.

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