Here are a few quick points for drivers and teams to note prior to the meeting at Brands Festival Italia next Sunday, 15th August:

  1. All drivers will be asked to display orange heart stickers on their cars to respect the memory of Rob Foote, the marshall who was tragically killed at Brands on 31st July. These stickers will be brought to the circuit on the day. A big thank you to Tony Herbert for sorting these out for us.
  2. It seems certain that we will have at least 30 cars on the grid at Brands. This is sensational and just what the Championship needs. All we need to do now is to cap that off with the exciting, fast and clean racing on the day that all our drivers are capable of. We will have some new drivers racing with us; we would like them to come back for more so please make them welcome and impress them with the competitiveness and fairness of our driving!
  3. One or two people need extra tickets so if you have any spare please let me know.
  4. We will be refunding £100 to all drivers who have paid their ARCA joining fee as we did at Croft. Our treasurer Richard Ford will sort out the mechanics of this with each driver affected. Drivers who are joining us to race on a one-off or ‘taster’ basis have had the ARCA joining fee waived for this event.
  5. We were considering holding the award presentations for the 2020 season at this event but this has now been postponed. I will let you know when this has been rearranged.

Andy Robinson
Championship Coordinator