Everyone is naturally wondering how our 2021 season will take shape, the first question being: will it start as scheduled at Silverstone on 3rd April? The short answer at this stage is that no one knows: the Government doesn’t know, Motorsport UK doesn’t know, the 750 Motor Club doesn’t know and ARCA doesn’t know. There is no insider information anywhere and no decisions have yet been taken. Some may be aware that the BTCC has put off its first meeting until May but that isn’t necessarily of significance to club motorsport in general because their business model relies heavily on spectator income whereas ours does not. However, with the pandemic raging at unprecedented levels in the UK there is certainly a lot of uncertainty about.

Both the BRSCC and the MG Car Club were due to run events on 20/21 March. The BRSCC has cancelled its events but the MG Car Club has not yet done so, saying they will take a decision at the end of January. The Government’s position is that its next in-depth review will not take place until mid February. We may not know till then if or how our season opener will be affected. In the meantime the 750 Motor Club is proceeding on the basis that the season will commence as scheduled and will adapt the calendar as necessary as the situation develops. Those preparing cars for the season are doing the same – or, if not in some cases, our advice would be to do so. As soon as there is some definite information we will publicise it.


To date we have 11 ARCA registrations for the new season, which is a good start. It is always helpful for us to know that we have a potentially strong grids even at this early stage so I would encourage those drivers who are intending to race to register sooner rather than later.

I am told that the 750 Motor Club will be opening up its registration system from Monday 25th January so from then onwards that essential part of the administration process can also be completed.


The ARCA Virtual Racing Championship was won by Colin Cunniffe. Colin is warmly congratulated on this considerable achievement given the impressive line-up of hotshoes participating! Colin’s prize for his victory will be a place on the grid at our first race meeting in a Bianco-prepared Twin Spark Cup car. He hasn’t raced a ‘real’ race car before so it will be fascinating to see how he makes the transition from one medium to the other. Naturally we hope it won’t be just a one-off race and that he’ll enjoy it so much he will continue. We will all give him a warm welcome.

The 2021 virtual racing series is already underway but you can still join in the fun.


There isn’t a lot of new driver news at this stage but there are one or two snippets that might be of interest. After campaigning his well known supercharged black GTV for several years now, Graham Seager has sold the car to Gareth Haywood. Gareth is making a welcome return to the championship having last raced with us in 2009 in a 156 in the old Class B, although he did also make a brief appearance in a Twin Spark in 2012. We hope that Graham will reappear in another car – there is nothing definite at the moment but he is way too young to retire! Richard Thurbin is back in his mighty Delta Integrale having reportedly cured the slipping clutch that limited his appearances last season. It will be a treat to see the mightly beast back on full chat.

I was absolutely delighted to see registrations coming in from Keith and Tom Waite, both having missed the 2020 season, and also from Martin Jones. Martin’s continuing in the Championship was in the balance so it’s brilliant to see him back on our roster. The same goes for Andrew Fulcher and Paul Webster. Both registered to race in 2020 but weren’t able to do so in the end but I understand Andrew is intending to do at least 4 of our 6 meetings and Paul to do the full season subject to getting his car problems sorted, which is great news. The others (not mentioned above) who have registered to date are Richard Ford, James Ford, Stacey Dennis and Dave Messenger. Welcome back All!


We have sent our new ARCA logo over to LogoMeUp race wear so they are ready to put it onto the polo shirts, hoodies and jackets together with any other bespoke badges and logos you may want. They are superb value for money so here is your opportunity to look the part for the season.


There are a number of opportunities available for those who want to drive in the Alfa Championship this season. Our main eastablished preparers – Bianco and Revs Italia – both have opportunities available, so please contact them as early as possible to secure a deal.

In addition Motus One have 2 Twin Spark Cup cars available on an arrive-and-drive basis. Motus One have been preparing cars for the British GT Championship in recent seasons, notably the Brabham BT62 programme, and are also moving into TCR UK this season with 3 Honda Civic TCRs, but they don’t yet have established runners in our Championship so there’s an opportunity!

They have 1 car for arrive-and-drive and one for sale at the moment but those plans are flexible if the right driver deal or sale can be done.

In addition Gabs Iaccarino has prepared a Power Trophy Alfa GT for this season’s Power Trophy class and is looking for a driver. Contact Gabs at: [email protected]

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator