In outline the season’s results are as follows:


1stTom Hill
2ndAndrew Bourke
3rdDave Messenger


1stGraham Seager
2ndScott Austin
3rdRiccardo Losselli

Power Trophy

1stTom Hill
2ndDave Messenger
3rdGeorge Osborne

Twin Spark Cup

1stAndrew Bourke
2ndSimon Cresswell
3rdRichard Ford

A number of drivers have wondered if the two dropped scores would stand given the further reduction from 10 races to 8, and the answer is ‘yes’. Motorsport UK will absolutely not allow any dropped scores regulations to be changed retrospectively in any circumstances.

Matt Daly has completed the full final results table on the ARCA website and these can be viewed below:

They are subject to checking by the 750 Motor Club but this should be merely a formality as there are no outstanding issues.

We extend warm and sincere congratulations to our now-4-time Champion Tom Hill who has had a truly outstanding season. Andrew Bourke ran him very close but Tom prevailed by a narrow margins of 3 points, Andrew having to be content with the Twin Spark Cup class win. Both had problems at the Festival Italia meeting but Andrew’s turned out to be more serious in terms of how they affected the final points table. The very quick and consistent Dave Messenger finished 3rd overall, an excellent result.

I will be doing a full season’s review shortly for the website but in the meantime congratulations to all those drivers who have achieved wins and podiums and sincere thanks to all those who have raced with us this season. You are all an important part of our Championship wherever you finished in the Points table.

Donington Park 12/12/20

With only 14 drivers giving a firm commitment to enter the Donington meeting on 12th December we were unable to give assurances to the 750 Motor Club that our grid numbers would be financially viable so we had to decline their offer of a place on the programme. This was particularly disappointing for those who were keen to do it but we must now look to next season.

With the unpredictability surrounding the imposition of Covid 19 restrictions the December race meeting must be at risk of cancellation anyway so I suppose the positive aspect of not doing it is that we have been able to finalise our season’s results and awards rather than waiting for several more weeks to do so.

Andy Robinson
Championship Coordinator