Motorsport UK yesterday withdrew all licences from organising clubs for race meetings scheduled to take place between 5th November and 2nd December 2020 as a consequence of the Government’s announcement of a lockdown in England between those dates.

Those race meetings have now been cancelled and this obviously includes our final scheduled meeting at Silverstone National on 14th November. Our season, having started belatedly, has therefore now ended prematurely due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Some sports governing bodies, e.g. those for golf and tennis, have questioned why the lockdown has to apply to them, but I am not aware that Motorsport UK has done so.

We were able to complete 8 races out of the scheduled 14 for the season. I am already receiving comments and questions about how or if the sudden ending might affect the Championship standings. I expect that we will be able to answer these questions and respond to these comments very soon but first I need to confer with officials of the 750 Motor Club and then with other members of the ARCA Panel before confirming any further details. I will be commencing this process today, 3rd November.

PS  As no doubt everyone will have assumed, our Awards evening scheduled for Saturday 21st November was cancelled some time ago. Next year’s date for the Awards evening has been arranged for Saturday 27th November 2021.