As another stay-at-home day drags itself off into eternity I thought it must be time for some sort of communication to all our racers, their families, and all our friends and supporters. We now know that 18th/19th July at Snetterton is the earliest we will be racing, and even that is far from certain of course. It’s a situation that none of us could possibly have envisaged as we were preparing for the season only a few weeks ago and that makes it hard to get one’s head around it, but first and foremost ARCA’s very best wishes go to all of you and we look forward to seeing you again once a shortened season does get under way.

The registrations we have in place for this year’s Championship, together with some additional ones we are anticipating, are as follows:

Modified Class

Alfa Romeo - 4c Losselli
  • Riccardo Losselli: Alfa Romeo 4C and Alfa Workshop MiTO 2.0 Turbo
  • Vincent Dubois: Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 Turbo
  • Graham Seager: Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 Supercharged
  • Barry McMahon: Alfa Romeo 156 Turbo

Plus anticipated:

  • Richard Thurbin Lancia Delta Integrale
  • Ted Pearson: Alfa Workshop MiTO 2.0 Turbo
  • Bryan Shrubb: Alfa Romeo 33 1.9 (hopefully)
  • Scott Austin: Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 20v Turbo
  • Keith Waite: Alfa Romeo 75
  • Tom Waite: Alfa Romeo 33 16v

Power Trophy

  • Paul Webster: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA
  • Jamie Thwaites: Alfa Romeo 155
  • Dave Messenger: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
  • Andy Inman: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
  • Simon McFie: Fiat Abarth Punto
  • Chris McFie: Fiat Abarth Punto
  • George Osborne: Alfa Romeo 75
  • Tom Hill: Alfa Romeo GT
  • Luke Praoline: Fiat Punto Abarth
  • Matt Abell: Alfa Romeo 33 16v

Plus Anticipated:

  • Daniel Wood: Alfa Romeo 164 (Big Yella)
  • Driver TBN: Alfa Romeo MiTO
  • Ron Davidson: Alfa Romeo 164 (hopefully)

Twin Spark Cup

  • Richard Ford: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Andrew Fulcher Alfa Romeo 147
  • Martin Jones: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Jon Tortolani: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Matt Daly: Alfa Romeo 145
  • Paul Plant: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Steve O’Brien: Alfa Romeo 147
  • Simon Cresswell: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Andrew Bourke: Alfa Romeo 156
  • Stacey Dennis: Alfa Romeo 147

Plus Anticipated:

  • James Ford: Alfa Romeo 156

Invitation Class

Alfa Romeo - Giulietta
  • Roger Evans: Alfa Romeo Giulietta 8C

Plus Anticipated:

  • Keith Waite: Alfa Romeo 156 GTA/Mazda


  • James Ford may enter the Power Trophy as an alternative to the Twin Spark Cup.
  • Tom Hill has entered his 156 Twin Spark as a ‘backstop’.
  • I hope I’ve got Keith Waite’s cars correctly described; if not Keith will let me know I’m sure.
  • Tom Herbert didn’t think the car he is building would be finished this season but we can always hope.
  • We are hoping to see Louise West with her Alfa Spider 2.0 20v Turbo at some point also.

I am aware that some drivers may only be able to do one or two meetings but there again there are only 4 meetings (at most) left, and if all 33 turn up at the same meeting…Wow! 11 spectacular Modified/Invitation Class entries and 10 each in the Power Trophy and Twin Spark Cup, all closely matched – what a spectacle that would be. Please let it happen!! That prospect must surely whet everyone’s appetite for the remainder of the season.


There is an interesting article by Stephen Lickorish in the latest Autosport magazine all about the changes in leadership and approach the BRSCC is making in order to make their product range as a whole more successful and more financially viable. The article mentions our departure in one or two places. Much of what they are doing appears to make good business sense and good sporting sense but I think they’ve got a huge job on their hands. Thankfully it isn’t something that concerns us now…

PS: Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tim Lewis and/or his extremely rapid Alfasud Sprint?

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator