Race Entry Fees

Back in autumn 2019 I confidently stated that our race entry fees in 2020 would be significantly lower than in 2019 and so they would have been but for some unforeseen developments. I asked Giles Groombridge, the 750 Motor Club’s Competitions Director, to help me explain to our drivers what these developments are. This is what he sent me:

“We had hoped to keep entry fees below £400 for a 20 minute double header at a “premium” venue but were forced to increase prices slightly due to the following factors:

The cost of running a race meeting has risen by 3-5% on average, this is generally a function of circuit hire charges, but we have also seen increases in some of the essential services such as medical and recovery facilities.

The main driver has been a change in the meeting permit structure, for every driver we sign on we pay a per capita insurance fee to MSUK. Traditionally we have used the lowest grade of permit which was a Clubman grade permit which could only be used for races where drivers were members of the organising club. This option has been removed forcing us to use the new Interclub permit which is the equivalent of the “old” National B. This attracts a higher per capita fee which has resulted in an increase in just under £10 per race entry for insurance, which sadly we have had no choice but to pass on to competitors.”

All other organising clubs have been affected by this and have put up entry fees accordingly in the same way, so we will still be getting the best value available. I am bound to say that Motorsport UK’s logic in hammering club racers with significant extra costs in order to encourage more people to participate in motor sport is beyond me…


Given our precarious grid numbers over the past couple of years, I always find this time of year stressful, wondering how many drivers we are going to attract. To date 23 drivers have registered but I do know that some of those are only likely to race occasionally so we would like many more!

Our sincere thanks go to those drivers who have completed their registration already. If you are intending to race but haven’t yet registered it would be greatly appreciated if you could do so asap, and if you are contemplating racing with us but haven’t finally made up your mind just take the plunge – you won’t regret it!!

Car and Driver News

155 racer Scott Austin has been reworking his car since blowing his engine at Brands last March and a Fiat 20v Turbo engine is being installed. A slight delay in debuting the revised car has been caused by the USA supplier sending the wrong turbo but we are hoping to welcome Scott back to the starting grid in the very near future, this time in the Modified class.

I thought Barry McMahon’s new lap record last season at the Snetterton 300 circuit was sensational – which it was – but for the new Alfa Workshop Modified class MiTO to lap within half a second of Barry’s record in its initial shakedown – straight out of the proverbial box – at the circuit (when the temperature was only 8 degrees) was fantastic and bodes well for the season, fingers crossed.

Vincent Dubois is hoping he has found the solution to his Integrale-engined 156 Turbo breaking drive shafts. In previous seasons the enormous power of the engine has taken its toll on standard drive shafts, resulting in a number of DNFs. He has now had some stronger ones specially made for the car so fingers crossed that that will cure the problem.

Another driver making a welcome return to the Championship after a break of a few years is Matt Abell. Matt has registered his 33 16v in the Power Trophy class and we are delighted to welcome him back!   

Daniel Wood appeared at Silverstone a couple of years ago in ‘Big Yella’, the well known Alfa 164 racer previously campaigned by Ian Brookfield and Tony Soper (and also by Matt Daly once in the wet at Silverstone). I’m pleased to say that Daniel is back with a plan to race in our Championship again once he has a new engine installed, which should hopefully be in time for the Snetterton meeting in July.

Stacey Dennis is hoping/planning to do at least a couple of meetings this season in her 147 Twin Spark. Stacey has come close to having to sell the car in the past couple of seasons so it’s great news that she is now able to think positively about racing again.

It was disappointing to hear that Richard Thurbin is intending to sell his mighty Delta Integrale in order to buy a boat (!). He tells me that he might possibly race his Uno Turbo though, so I’ve got everything crossed hoping that he may do so.

Another new driver to the Championship will be Luke Praoline. Luke will be racing in the Power Trophy in a Punto Abarth prepared by the McFie brothers, Chris and Simon, at Southgate Motorsport. If Luke joins in with the fantastic track duels the brothers engage in we’re in for a real treat. No pressure though – welcome Luke!


Steve O’Brien and Woya Digital have been working their socks off trying to secure sponsorship for the Championship – with some success but also in the process discovering just how hard it is to find people willing to sponsor Club racing championships. I don’t get it – what possible better use could a company’s cash be spent on?! Steve is pressing on undaunted however and deserves our profuse thanks for his efforts. Thank you Steve and Woya!

Trophies and Prize Giving at Race Meetings

I have clarified the position regarding the presentation of trophies at race meetings, having previously been given the impression from another coordinator that this was all done at the end of the meeting, with the obvious difficulty this would create for those travelling long distances to get home. I am pleased to say that the 750 Motor Club is happy for us to continue with our normal practice of holding our own prize giving shortly after our final race. Podiums and interviews will be held immediately after the finish of races in the usual way and garlands presented, but we will hold our own prize giving as we always have.

In terms of the timing of races in the programme, 750 MC assure me that there is no favouritism here and that late finishes are shared equitably between championships.

750 MC will provide an Overall Winner trophy and two Class Winner trophies (Power Trophy and Twin Spark Cup) and ARCA will supply the rest, which is the same arrangement as we have had previously.

750 MC Pre-season Track Day at Silverstone National, 14th March

A reminder that this is a very useful time to have your car scrutineered by the same scrutineers who will be carrying out this important task throughout the season as well as being a timely warm-up for the meeting there on 5th April. I know some drivers are planning to do the event so I will see you there.


Many congratulations to our respective former champions Paul Plant and Emma  Karwacki on the birth of their second son – wonderful news! We are also delighted to hear that Matt Daly and Lottie are expecting a baby in the summer. Sincere best wishes from all of us.

Andy Robinson – Championship Coordinator