With years of experience in all aspects of motorsport insurance, Grove & Dean Motorsport offers a comprehensive range of insurance products and an unrivalled, personal service to our clients.

Following on from the success of the Alfa Championship stand at the Autosport Show, I thought it appropriate to address many of the insurance queries & questions I was asked at the Show – either whilst manning the Grove & Dean stand, or on my many visits to the Alfa stand (I found the Class E car on the stand very pleasing on the eye!!).  Below I’ve listed some of the (motorsport related)  insurance services Grove & Dean offers – hopefully there will be something listed of interest!   At this point I’d like to say “Thank You” to all in the Alfa community who supported me last year, and thanks to those who have come on board in 2015 already.

On Track Insurance

Insuring against accident and/or fire damage whilst on track is purely a personal choice. As we know this insurance is not compulsory but on the flip side, there is also no third party liability on the track! Many drivers tell me how careful they are and so don’t need on track insurance – but you are of course insuring against everyone else you share the track with. And from personal experience, I know why this is my motivation to insure!

Of course this type of insurance isn’t cheap – as nor as the repair bills – but it’s more affordable than you might think.   To insure a value of £5,000 starts from £100 for a single header weekend, and rises to around £175 for a double header weekend (including the Friday test day). And there’s deals to be had if insurance is taken out for the season.

Storage & Transit

Insuring your race car, trailer, spares, wheels and tools “off track”.  This insurance covers your property in  storage and then transit to, from and whilst at the race circuit.  In short this policy covers you against theft, fire and damage (including any obtained in road traffic accidents) and covers you for trips to Europe, for those intending to race in the European series this year as well.  Prices for £20,000 of cover come in at around £350 for the year.

Personal Accident

All too often the dangers of motorsport have been bought home to us in the past couple of years – we lost a client at Le Mans in 2013 (Allan Simonsen) and later the same year I lost a friend in Sean Edwards. These were extreme cases, but my advice to clients is that this could be the most important insurance you consider. Obviously it’s not a great subject to talk about – but insurance is about “preventing pain”; and us Brokers are renounced doom merchants!  

To cover yourself, and provide peace of mind for your loved ones, £50,000 of death and/or disability cover, costs £350 for a 12 month period – add £50 if you want to add European cover and to include Medical expenses and Repatriation back to the UK.  To double this cover, doubles the premium etc.

Motorhome Insurance

Grove & Dean have a scheme specifically for motorsport participants who use motorhomes as part of their travel during the racing season. Obviously prices dependant on value, licence details and age(s) of driver.

And finally, we can also offer quotes, advice and feedback on your insurance on your existing Motor Trade businesses, Commercial businesses, private cars and home insurance policies (Grove & Dean write about £50m worth of this type of business!).



For any further details or quotations please do contact Andy Hancock on 07825 157962 or at [email protected].

See you all at Silverstone in April!

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