Back in 2014 David Thomas – who had undertaken the important role of ARCA Treasurer – relinquished the responsibility and the rest of the ARCA Panel needed to seek out a replacement to look after its funds.

The role of Treasurer is not generally seen as a glamourous one but it is absolutely critical to the success of any organisation. It requires diligence, discipline and a rigorous attention to detail. Joy Fairy, a long time supporter of the Alfa Romeo Championship, then volunteered to take over the responsibility. She has now decided that it’s time for her to step down and make way for someone else to take on the role.

Joy Fairy, ARCA Treasurer

In compiling this tribute and expression of thanks to Joy I was sorely tempted to observe that it was the fact that she herself is such a treasure that made her a great choice for the role, ‘treasurer’ being – in the mischievious mind of a faux-grammarian – the comparative of treasurer, the superlative being ‘treasurest’. It was this piece of linguistic chicanery that led me to conclude that Joy has in fact been our Treasurest, not merely our Treasurer.

When I took on the role of Coordinator in 2018 I asked Joy to join the ARCA Panel as well and she has made a significant contribution to the Championship in that additional role, and I know I speak for the whole Panel in thanking and applauding Joy for her overall contribution as well as for the excellent and valuable work she has done in keeping our finances in order over the past 7 years or so.

I once read a review of a performance of King Lear where it was said of the lead actor’s somewhat hesitant performance that he had ‘…played the King as if in a state of constant apprehension that someone else was about the play the Ace.’ With Joy in the Treasurer role there has been no such analogy: she has been firm, authoritative, clear, candid and meticulous and we all owe her a tremendous vote of thanks for the work she has done for us.

I am pleased to announce that Richard Ford has very kindly agreed to take over this important task for the future, and the handover will begin shortly.

Andy Robinson
Championship Coordinator