To celebrate our 50th Friday Fix, myself and Michael Lindsay have gone through the archives and dug out some ‘Golden Oldies’ for everyone to enjoy and reminisce from seasons gone by.


It features photos from the past 33 years of the Championship. Obviously we can’t include every one of the 700+ drivers that have competed with us but we do hope to repeat this further down the line. If you have any photos you think may fit into this kind of article, please do send them over and we’ll save them for the next one! Hover over the photos for a caption or click for a larger version. Enjoy.

Thank you to Michael for sending his photos and captions through and thank you to all the Friday Fix readers. We hope the first 50 have provided a much needed filler for those long breaks between races. Now, what on earth will I put in the next 50?!Snetterton would be a good starting point!

We currently have 24 cars set to lap the 200 circuit in just over a weeks time.

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