Championship News

Two time Champion, Clive Hodgkin signed up to return in his Avon Racing 156 this week. He will compete in the new Power Trophy class. Only 7 weeks now until round 1 at Silverstone. Register here to challenge for this years title.

Stacey Dennis Twin Spark Cup 147 has been stripped down ready for a new paint job. Looking forward to seeing the new colour scheme.

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

Below is the newly released promo video for the 2015 Giulietta Sprint. It features the new car alongside its predecessor from 1954. Great to see old models help promote the new ones.


Squadra 916, an international community dedicated to owners and fans of the Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider 916 models posted a few photos on their facebook page which brought back some memories. Below are some pictures from the GTV Cup series.

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This is the Secret Pureblood Alfa Romeo Lovers’ Collection

Another great article from the Petrolicious blog featuring The Alfa Romeo Blue Team, a discreet club of élite Alfa Romeo Collectors. Good read, if you have a minute.

Painting cars with coffee

After forming a rough sketch of his subject with pencil, Romanian artist Adrian Mitu adds in details with coffee as an artist would with watercolours, though an occasional dash of ink is included for greater depth of colour. See some of his work below which includes a few Alfas.


I don’t have much info on this next image other than it’s a miniature workshop and looks pretty damn cool!

I want one…

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