It was good to be back out on track at Anglesey and although it wasn’t the most successful weekend for the 145, I enjoyed my time in the car. I also got the opportunity to walk the circuit on Friday evening to take in some of the scenery and managed to take a few photos which show off the unique location of the Anglesey circuit.

If anyone else has in-car footage from Anglesey, please post it ASAP as the TV company will be asking for it very soon.

Dropped Scores

Michael Lindsay has put together a top 10 points table after the dropped scores rule has been put into place. James Bishop looks as though he has lost out but in reality he can have three zeros and be back at 193. The only drivers not on this Top 10 list who have dropped scores are Kristian Leith and Andy Inman. Everyone else stays as they are.

TOP TEN POINTS after dropping three worst results, as at 15/8/2014

Pos Driver Points* (Total) Class
1 James Bishop 143 (193) E
2 James Ford 133 (141) E
3 Roger Evans 123 (124) C
4 Steve Potts 118 (130) E
5 Graham Seager 102 (102) A1
6 Tom Herbert 98 (104) E
7 Nick Anderson 83 (83) A2
8 Andy Hancock 80 (86) E
9 Darelle Wilson 69 (69) B
= Ray Foley 69 (69) C

*After Dropped Scores

News from Peak Alfa

The 147 GTA A1 build is progressing well, we now have most parts here ready for assembly.


And the complete strip down of the Giulietta is well under way.


The Anglesey weekend had mixed results for us! Rays GTV has now been repaired by Kev at Elemento Alfa


Andy’s 156 is in process


Roger Evans class C 156 GTA has its new engine installed after the old engine threw a rod!!!


Alfa Romeo Challenge

The Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo 2014 takes place at the Circuit Park Zandvoort on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24th August. The Alfa Romeo Challenge are holding two races over the weekend with entries from ARCA drivers Tom Herbert, Paul Plant and Andy Hancock. It looks to be a huge event with plenty to see and do. Alongside the racing will be track parades from various Alfa models plus a demonstration from the Alfa 155 DTM car.
Find out more


Warped discs?

The Mintex F4 material brake pad has been recommend to us to combat the warped disc problem. The pad number is MDB 1735 F4R. We are hoping to work with a supplier for next season.

Driving Standards

We will be asking the Clerks of the Course to observe driving standards for the final two meetings of the year and action will be taken where necessary to avoid further incidents / damage to cars of which there has been too much recently.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week. If we missed anything and you’d like to be included, make sure you let us know via twitterfacebook or by emailing Matt Daly.