Friday Fix

It’s a bit of a slimmed down post this week as I’m travelling up to Anglesey today. We’ll try and share some testing photos throughout the afternoon on twitter. Follow the live timing on Saturday and Sunday right here on alfaracer.

What time are the races?

Last Lap

A quick reminder to all racers at Anglesey this weekend that the races will be televised once again by Last Lap/Motors TV and sponsored by Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance.

Pro Alfa MiTo

Dave Peddie will debut his Pro Alfa built MiTo this weekend at Anglesey. It’s the first MiTo to be raced in the championship with a few more builds rumoured. The championship panel are meeting on Saturday to discuss the future of the MiTo class amongst other topics. If you would like to add an idea or issue to the list, please email [email protected] before Saturday lunchtime.


Championship sponsors, Alfashop had the pleasure of supplying some items for this Rat Truck. The engine is from a 164 V6 with Alfa 75 V6 sump, oil pump, Alfa 75 T/S running gear and inboard rear brakes.

If we missed anything and you’d like to be included, make sure you let us know via twitterfacebook or by emailing Matt Daly.