Hi All,

Following mu announcement at Silverstone that I will be standing down as Championship Co-ordinator some work has been going on to plan for the future of the Championship. As already indicated, it would seem to be a good time to spread some of the load and ask for others to help out with some of the roles that do not need to be done by the new Co-ordinator.

Some people have made enquiries about some of the roles / tasks and we thought it would be a good idea to produce a list of them all to give people who may be tempted to offer their services some idea of some of the jobs that we are looking to find a new owner for!

The panel are planning a panel meeting next Saturday (on the 16th) to work on the planning for the 2014 season and the task of finding and appointing a new Co-ordinator. If you would like to show an interest in offering some help then please let me know before next Saturday – please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email for a chat about it.

If you have any requests for the panel to consider – regulation changes, calendar ideas etc then please send these to me in an email as soon as possible.

Finally – if any more of you are planning to come to the party on the 23rd (details from the link on the home page on alfaracer.com) and you haven’t bought your tickets yet then please do so as soon as possible as we need to give final numbers to the venue in the next few days.



Roles that need to be performed by the Championship Co-ordinator

  • Day to day race administration
  • Liaison with BRSCC
  • Championship registrations & race number allocation
  • BRSCC – Race entry system – access / review / sort out issues
  • Additional race day ticket allocation / distribution
  • Timetable & Paddock Plan discussions with the BRSCC
  • Race day scrutineering organisation
  • Liaison with BRSCC (Clerk / Race Secretary etc) on race day
  • Maintain points table
  • Co-ordinate regulation changes
  • Organise race calendar
  • Supervision of info published on website & social media
  • Update Co-ordinators blog
  • BRSCC Dinner Dance – represent the Championship at this event
  • Co-ordinate all the following roles

All of the following roles must be overseen by the Co-ordinator but can all be done by others. In order to continue with these we need to have people who will volunteer to take these roles on.


  • Race day trophies / awards – Micky Bolton supplied, BRSCC supplied, supplied
  • by ARCA
  • Driver of the Day trophies
  • End of season trophies / awards


  • End of season awards party organisation

Media / PR

  • Produce printed information to promote the Championship at races, Autosport Show, other events etc
  • Printed media information(Autosport / Motorsport News)
  • Publicise calendar and events – send to publications and other websites, create calendar cards for distribution etc
  • Publicise events on alfaowner.com and other forums etc
  • Invite local AROC sections to race meetings
  • Website development, maintenance, updating Social media updates (Twitter / Facebook)
  • TV coverage – liaison with TV company
  • TV coverage – providing information, back stories, ideas for interviews etc
  • TV coverage – funding / sponsorship
  • TV coverage – chasing in car footage


  • Autosport Show – arrange attendance with BRSCC, agree funding, find a suitable car, co-ordinate material for the show, attend the show.
  • Other events – Auto Italia events, AROC events etc


  • Sponsors – liaison with existing sponsors
  • Sponsors – looking for new sponsorship opportunities

Race Day

  • “Tea Tent” – supplies, transport, set up / down, running

Control Tyre Supply

  • Review options, discuss with tyre suppliers, arrange testing, agree deal & pricing etc


  • Maintain stock
  • Distribution of number squares and sponsors decals
  • Decals  for “Tea Tent” banner etc
  • Decals – numbers for windscreens

Roles Currently Performed by Others

  • Race programme info – Michael Lindsay Race reports & previews for BRSCC – Michael Lindsay Information for commentators & press at races – Michael Lindsay
  • Race reports for alfaracer.com – Michael Lindsay
  • Accounts / Book Keeping – David Thomas