Updated 18th October

We are pleased to report that Andy left hospital yesterday and is now recuperating at home. Feeling a bit tired but otherwise not suffering from anything that won’t mend.

We are sure that everyone who was at Donington on Saturday will have been very concerned about the welfare of Andy Robinson after his frightening high speed accident at Red Gate during qualifying.

His beautiful 156 which was having its first outing of the year ended upside down against the barrier bringing the session to a halt. The car was righted by the marshals and Andy carefully extracted by them and the safety crew, before being taken to the circuit medical centre and then to hospital in Nottingham.

Later in the day we heard news that Andy had suffered a broken collarbone, three damaged vertebrae and some other not too worrying injuries but happily no broken arms or legs although he was in quite a bit of pain. I was able to talk to him by phone this morning and he told me that the neck-brace had been removed and that he was optimistic that he would be released from hospital in a day or two’s time subject to more checks on his condition. Naturally enough he sounded tired but seemed well up to speed on most of what had happened in the races on Saturday and Sunday.

Andy’s thanks, and ours, go the marshals and medical team who looked after him so well. We will try to keep everyone informed of his progress.

We wish him well and hope to see him full recovered and back in the Important role that he has performed so well for the Championship all year.

Michael Lindsay