Newsletter to all drivers in the BRSCC Alfa Romeo Championship from Andy Robinson, Championship Coordinator.

Dear All,

Although there have been updates for you all on the Alfaracer website on a range of issues since the 2017 season ended, I particularly wanted to inform you directly of some important updates concerning the running of the Alfa Romeo Championship in 2018.

First of all, as you may be aware, I have agreed to take on the full role of Championship Coordinator at the invitation of the ARCA Panel. It also means that I have retired from racing following my Donington accident as a Coordinator must not also be a competitor. In taking this on, I regard myself as responsible to the ARCA Panel in the first instance, to all of you as drivers, and to the BRSCC as our organising club. Our most important priority is to increase our grid numbers to ensure that the Championship remains viable and grows and thrives into the future.

Here are some important points to be aware of for the coming season:

In the review of the Championship Regulations for 2018 we are proposing to admit Fiat, Abarth and Lancia racers to our Power Trophy and Modified Classes. This means that they will no longer be restricted to the Invitation Class and will be eligible to score Championship points. So if you know anyone who may be interested in registering for the Championship as a result of this change then please SPREAD THE WORD!

We are proposing to hold open meetings of all drivers at certain race meetings in 2018. This will be an open forum where drivers can be updated on a range of issues and can also raise issues of concern relating to the running of the Championship. We want to develop and improve the lines of communication between all those involved in the Championship.

Discussions with representatives of the Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club are continuing and I am in regular contact with their Competitions Secretary, Richard Murtha, and with the Club Manager, Nick Wright. I am pleased to say that the AROC Board has agreed in principle to improving relationships with ARCA, and I will be meeting with Richard Murtha again shortly to try to move this agenda forward. We see a closer and mutually supportive relationship as being in the interests of both organisations, and this is potentially a very exciting development for the future.

We will have a car on the BRSCC stand at the Autosport Show and hope that as many drivers and prospective drivers as possible will come along to see us. ARCA representatives will be there on all 4 days of the show.

When registering for the 2018 season all drivers will be required to sign to abide by a newly drafted Code of Conduct. The Code is closely based on the one used by the Ferrari Owners’ Club. This requirement is part of our effort to improve driving standards.

For every 3rd race meeting that a driver enters in 2018, ARCA will subsidise the BRSCC entry fee by £100.

There have been changes in the membership of the ARCA Panel that oversees the Championship. The Panel members are now: Andy Robinson, Paul Plant, Roger Evans, Matt Daly, Joy Fairy and Keith Ford. Any queries or concerns that a driver may have can be raised with any of these people.

As I said in the introduction above, our top priority is to increase grid sizes so please do encourage any potential driver you know to come and race with us.

Andy Robinson, Coordinator.