We have signed a deal with Yokohama to supply tyres for the championship.

The distributor is Black N Rounds, Unit 6, Silverstone Park West, Buckingham Road, Silverstone, NN12 8TJ – 01327 858044

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Tyres available are:

Twinspark Cup:

  • 190/580R15 N2960 A048 price £81 + VAT + Carriage

Modified/Power Trophy:

  • 190/580R15 N2655 A005 DRY price £135
  • 190/580R15 N2148 A006G WET price £135
  • 230/610R17 N2794 A005 DRY price £198
  • 230/610R17 N2337 A006G WET price £198
  • 250/650R18 N2371 A005 DRY price £247.50
  • 250/650R18 N2320 A006G WET price £247.50
  • All are + VAT and + Carriage

If any Modified or Power Trophy competitors have stock of other makes of tyres, you are free to use those up. Also if Yokohama do not produce the tyres size and width a driver requires you may purchase a different make. ALL cars must run 4x Yokohama stickers, one on each corner of the car, along with 4x Black N Rounds stickers, again one on each corner.

If any competitor requires any technical info contact Simon Clarke at Yokohama 07943 326 371 or [email protected]

Black N Rounds are contributing £1 per tyre they sell to a fund for distribution at the end of the year plus a trophy.