2015 Class Structure

Here is an update following the panel meeting at Rockingham regarding ideas and feedback for the 2015 class structure. Everything is still in a provisional state and further feedback is welcome.


As A1 regulations are now (possibly encompassing some smaller engined cars not fitting into the 230 class)

230 Class

230bhp per metric tonne including driver. Tyre choice is free.

Twinspark Cup

Class E as it is now.

Finalised names or letter identification for classes are still to be decided. The new 230 Class is still in discussion as to the details and drivers must make any feelings known to the panel by Friday 10th October. Comments or feedback given through sources such as Facebook cannot be collated properly and will be disregarded. Please email [email protected] only. An invitation class will remain for any cars not eligible.

2015 Split Grid

The results are in for the split grid poll with 26 out of 28 votes from registered 2014 drivers voting YES to keep the rule. The exact workings of the rule are yet to be confirmed as suggestions for further improvement were received. The general feeling is that the gap should be made as big as possible by potentially lining class E up from the very back of the available grid slots. This would hopefully avoid situations where front running class E cars swamp slower starting modified cars by turn 1. A time delay was suggested but this could make starts confusing for officials and spectators whilst reducing track time for class E drivers. Again, any feedback is still welcome and should be sent to the panel.

Facelift Panels

We now plan to allow face lifted panels for Twin Sparks including the 147, 156 and GTs.

More updates on this and other subjects soon…