Round by Round

We have drawn up a table showing the round by round points scored throughout the 2014 season.

Each driver will be able to see how many points they scored in each race including pole positions and fastest laps.

There are a few things to remember though. For maximum points to be scored in each round there must be three or more “starters” in the class. If you win race 1 of a double header, you get an extra point for pole position in race 2. Dropped scores include any poles or fastest laps in that particular race. Please refer to the regulations for a full explanation.

The scores are final and have been checked by multiple sources. The page layout is a work in progress which we plan to integrate fully into the website for next season where you will be able to track points scored as the season progresses. Any feedback on the layout and how to make it easier to read would be appreciated.

Take a look